Microsoft Zune 30

The Zune was a music device built by Microsoft in collaboration with Toshiba. Initially released in November 2006, it would gain prominence as a commercial failure for Microsoft notable for its bulky size and clunkiness compared to the Apple iPod. Additionally, a software malfunction that froze many Zunes on December 31, 2008 further hurt adoption. If instead of buying the Zune 30 on launch day, you had invested in Microsoft stock, your shares would be worth an estimated $1,162 today (or $1,069 after fees).
Release Date14 November 2006
Release Price$249.95
Company (ticker)Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)
Share Price (as of)USD 107.57 (2 August 2018)
Est. Value (with fees)$1,162 ($1,069)
Est. Return4.65x price, 14.0% IRR
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