Nintendo Game Boy

The iconic Game Boy was originally released in Japan on April 21, 1989 with the US release a few months later on July 31. Since then, over 118 million units of the original and Game Boy Color devices have been sold worldwide making it one of the most prolific gaming systems ever sold. If instead of buying the Game Boy on launch day, you had invested in Nintendo stock, your shares would be worth an estimated $813 today (or $632 after fees).
Release Date31 July 1989 (Japan: 21 April 1989)
Release Price$89.95 (Japan: 12,500)
Company (ticker)Nintendo (Tokyo: 7974)
Share Price (as of)JPY 42,950.00 (2 November 2017)
Est. Value (with fees)$813 ($632)
Est. Return9.04x price, 8.1% IRR
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