What is the purpose of this site?

The idea behind the site is a simple hypothetical question: if you invested the price of a product into the company that made it, where would that investment be now? We’re continually adding more products to the site, so check back frequently.

How do you calculate Estimated Value?

In order to estimate the value, we need the launch price, the adjusted share price (defined below) on the day the product was launched, and the share price today. Dividing the launch price by the adjusted share price and then multiplying it by the share price today gives us an estimate of the value today.

What is adjusted share price?

The adjusted share price for a stock on a given date is the historic price of an equivalent share in the company today. This means the share price is adjusted for dividends and splits that occurred between that date and today.

What about transaction fees?

We’ve also provided an estimate of value including a single transaction fee of $20 to buy the initial holdings. Note that we’ve assumed that fractional shares can be owned for the purposes of this analysis.

What about dividends and splits?

Dividends and splits are factored into our analysis through the use of adjusted share prices (see above). The analysis, however, does not factor in any additional transaction fees to account for re-investing dividends.

Where do you get your data?

Financial data (including historical adjusted share prices) sourced from Yahoo Finance. Details on the individual products sourced from a variety of sources including company reports and media articles.

Is it a good idea to invest in companies that I think will have very successful products?

The purpose of this site is not to give investment recommendations – it is only backwards looking.

Who should I contact if I found a mistake or have a suggestion?

We very much appreciate being notified of any mistakes or suggestions / questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, yes we do. Sign up. to receive a fresh in-depth 'What could have been?' analysis on an inconic product straight to your inbox every day (well, most days).

Are there similar sites that you recommend?

We’re also behind the sites and – so obviously we’re biased and would recommend you check them out as well.