McDonald's Big Mac

McDonald's released the iconic Bic Mac hamburger on August 22, 1967 selling for a whopping 45 cents. Given the low price point, this scenario (perhaps unrealistically) assumes you could have bought fractional shares in McDonald's stock while incurring no transaction fees. If instead of buying the Big Mac on launch day, you had invested in McDonald's stock, your shares would be worth an estimated $1,474 today (or $1,474 after fees).
Release Date22 August 1967
Release Price$0.45
Company (ticker)McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)
Share Price (as of)USD 157.89 (19 August 2017)
Est. Value (with fees)$1,474 ($1,474)
Est. Return3,274.64x price, 17.6% IRR
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