Apple PowerBook 100

The PowerBook 100 was the lowest end of the three original PowerBooks Apple introduced in October 1991. The higher end versions, the PowerBook 140 and 170, were the original designs, while the 100 was designed with miniature components. It initially did not sell well until Apple dropped the price substantially. If instead of buying the PowerBook 100 on launch day, you had invested in Apple stock, your shares would be worth an estimated $278,946 today (or $276,520 after fees).
Release Date21 October 1991
Release Price$2,300.00
Company (ticker)Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)
Share Price (as of)USD 207.39 (2 August 2018)
Est. Value (with fees)$278,946 ($276,520)
Est. Return121.28x price, 19.6% IRR
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